PMD Academy

Hands-On Training

PMD Academy provides high quality hands-on training in multiple locations across the United States. Our trainings are designed to give you the PMU career path you have always wanted.

Learning Opportunities

Mary Lee Miller

For those of you looking for online learning opportunities, I HIGHLY recommend Mary Hall Scott. She is thorough and highly responsive. She will tailor to your needs and experience. Best money I've spent on education thus far.

Above and Beyond

Tzippora Miller

Thanks Mary, you definitely work way over board and way more than you have to or what you are getting paid for. Let me know where to leave you a good review. I was actually a little fed up from trainers and courses, but you just gave me a fresh new taste in my mouth. So thank you

Brilliant Videos

Christella Baston

Thank you so much for the brilliant videos. They are so easy to watch and learn. They are short for each area so you can go back to each one.

Members Library

Wendy Krzeczowski

Library is so amazing! Every PMU artist should join!

XionS Training

Helena Jones

I’ve told so many people about the Xion training. It’s one of the best online courses I’ve ever watched. Very informative, you didn’t miss out a single thing. X

Fundamentals Tattooing Class

Carrie Sopha

I took this class last week it was awesome. Very informative, thanks Mary Hall Scott 💘 Carrie Sopha

Absolutely fantastic information!

Katy Bramkamp

Absolutely fantastic information. I'm so excited for this coming year. I feel as if I have finally found the resources necessary to get to the next level. I wish I had found you a year ago.

Thank you Mary

Christina Renee

Thank you Mary for your great supplies, helpful tools and items, and of course your online classes! You are so talented in all areas of PMU and I am so grateful for your sharing of knowledge and providing great equipment based on what you've learned over the years! Highly recommend micropmu tattoo supply!

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